We are always grateful for our stakeholders’ support and kindness. We have come here to this day with our motto of “Monozukuri (The art of manufacturing)-it is Enka”.

Recently, we are hearing “Monozukuri- it is Enka” in Japanese in other countries like America, Europe and China. From now on, we will convey the sprit of “Monozukuri it is Enka” to the people of 100 countries.

Adding to our products in 4 categories “Agriculture Machinery,” “Forestry Machinery,” “Construction Machinery,” and “Grassland Machinery,” we have been researching and developing our 5th category, “Jasper Series (Electric Vehicle).”

When I visited Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada, I was very impressed of what I saw. This led to create the product development of “Jasper Series” as an environmentally friendly new series which aims to harmonize of nature and the environment. In August 1st, 2011, we released “EJ50 Electric Scooter” as a new product of Jasper Series. This vehicle can be driven on public roads with a moped license, and we expect this vehicle to deliver the feeling of safety, comfort, and ecology of Canycom.

We set our basis on improving people’s lives of the 21st century to be more comfortable. And we will develop our projects with the ecology and playful heart.

With the inherited spirit from the founding of “manufacture from the perspective of users” and innovation, we have set our motto as action, concept, speed, and challenge. We will do our best on manufacturing the products that satisfies our customers by delivering Giri (sense of duty) and Ninjyou (Human Feelings).

We will look forward to further support and patronage.